When You’re Waiting on God {Part 2}


Last week we discussed how to change our perspective on waiting by rephrasing our words from, “I’m waiting on God” to “I’m hoping in God.” If you missed that post, you can find it here.

So, let’s be honest. Waiting is not easy. Whether we’re looking for a package in the mail or an answer to prayer, my guess is none of us wake up with a burning desire to wait. Yet, God is showing me how He uses the time we spend waiting on Him to achieve His divine purposes in our lives.

Waiting builds dependency on God.  

We may try, but the truth is, we generally hold little power to fix the broken places of our lives. We need the Lord. The longer we wait, the more we discover just how desperate we are for the power, provision and protection of God.

Waiting builds humility.

We are not the champion of our circumstances, but God is.  Waiting teaches us to release control and accept a position of prayer. When this happens our hearts become more open to God’s will and submissive to His timing.

Waiting builds faith in God.  

The more experiences we have with waiting, the more we get to see God’s faithfulness in our lives. Each experience adds another drop in our bucket of confidence that God will always see us through to victory.

My friend, as easy as it is for me to write these words, the truth is these lessons are not learned overnight. They grow in each of us as a result of our humble submission and trust in the Lord. Yes, waiting is hard, but it also helps us grow in the Lord. If you are in a season of waiting, may I encourage you with these words from Romans 11:33:

“Oh, how great are God’s riches and wisdom and knowledge! How impossible it is for us to understand His decisions and ways!”

Yes, the Lord is perfect! Let’s worship Him today for His wisdom and ways that are far beyond anything we can comprehend!

21 thoughts on “When You’re Waiting on God {Part 2}

  1. GiGiMandy says:

    Oh yes this is so true. I wrote my 31 days in October on Waiting on God. In many ways our family is still waiting but learning as well. I shared one of my posts from that series next to you on Testimony Tuesdays

  2. The art of waiting…it makes the rebellious toddler rise up from within my soul and shout..but I don’t wanna!

    I’m practicing the art of waiting on God, trusting His timing, resting in His faithfulness. I was especially encouraged by this statement in your piece:

    The more experiences we have with waiting, the more we get to see God’s faithfulness
    in our lives.

  3. In our fast paced, give-it-to-me-now world, it’s hard to wait for anything. But as you said, waiting cultivates humility and dependence when we realize there are many things completely out of our control, forcing us to trust in the Lord more fully or respond in bitterness and anger. Thanks for this encouragement.

    • Thank you, Karen! Writing this I couldn’t help but think of how little we really do have control over. God is so good and gracious to us though! Have a blessed weekend and thank you for stopping by!

  4. denisemroberts says:

    Waiting teaches us to release control and accept a position of prayer. Love that!
    Visiting from #IntentionalTuesday

  5. Waiting is the toughest thing for me to do — so impatient! And I’m learning (the hard way) that the way I wait will be the way my boys wait. I need to model patience and a heart of trusting God (and trusting the process).
    Thanks for these good words.

  6. welcomesue says:

    any one of those three make it worth it – but i’ll take all three! thanks, leigh ellen (i’m sue ellen but only mom knows and she’s in Glory. )

  7. Seasons of waiting…..
    Wait! Let me think about that for a minute…mmm…
    Oh yes! 🙂 It really is hard, but so worth it in the long run when we find that the Lord is our portion, and that He is the Best part of our lives, and that we would have missed out on Him if we had not had to wait.
    Thanks for the reminder, sister!

  8. I recently entered a period of waiting. I don’t really know how long it will last. I asked God, “what’s next,” and I think He is telling me that the waiting is next. Thanks for speaking to that here.

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