Standing Strong

My Son

Tonight as Paw Patrol played on the television and you played on the floor, I took a moment to slip into the kitchen to clean. Before I knew it, you were at my side holding your foot in the air while recounting how you had hurt it on the entertainment center.

I gathered you in my arms and together we made our way to the couch. Momma knew you were okay, but I still inspected your foot from top to bottom and covered it in kisses.  When the kisses were over, you must have been less than satisfied, because with a rather authoritative voice you exclaimed, “I hurt my foot and it needs lots of band aides!”

We shared a small conversation about how band-aides are for when you are bleeding. You jumped off the couch and I returned to the kitchen. Then you yelled words worth repeating:

“Mommy, I put my foot on my Bible.”

I dropped my dishcloth and returned to the living room to find you standing with one foot on your Bible and your body gently leaning against the couch.  Instantly, my mind jumped a thousand miles into your future. Because, while it grips my soul, I know there will be times as you grow when you hurt. Really hurt. But, I also know God’s Word will always provide healing, hope and a cover for your life far greater than any earthly band-aide could provide.

Dear One, the world will never slow at offering you a myriad of ways to combat the hurt you experience, but when you make God’s Word your foundation and daily apply His promises and commands you’ll experience power unexplainable and life everlasting.

I Love You!

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” – John 10:10 (ESV)



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