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Welcome to Raising an Arrow! I’m so glad you are here.

A Little About Me…

I’ve been married to my husband, a grace-filled soul, for going on 14 years. We have one full-of-life little boy who is three. My days are usually spent on the floor playing with Legos, flying airplanes or racing cars. When the noise silences; however, my favorite place to go is my desk where I spend time with the Lord – reading, praying, journaling and occasionally writing thoughts here.

A Season of Transformation…

For eleven years my husband and I began and ended our days alongside one another in our dream jobs.  We built our identity, our family and our life goals around our place of employment. Years of dreaming, however, were turned to weeping the day we were told our contracts were not being renewed. With fading hope and lost purpose I found myself completely shaken with no place to go but the arms of Jesus.

After months in His arms, the Lord began transforming my thought patterns, erasing years of faulty beliefs and recreating me with His truth and freedom. My faith took new form. Abiding in Him was no longer just a phrase, but a place I didn’t want to leave.  Then one day, on a drive home, the Lord began tugging at my heart, He was calling me to surrender. I got out of my car beside a small creek. As the water trickled across the rocks and the sun shone brightly from Heaven, I lifted my hands and cried out,

“I surrender, Lord. My life is yours. You have permission to write my story!”

From that moment forward, I determined to rest in the Lord and release control. Today, I’ve never felt more alive in God. What began as a terrible day of loss brought me to a place of freedom and trust in Christ like I’ve never experienced before.

Discovering God’s Extraordinary Love…

Every day we have the opportunity to discover God’s extraordinary love. We can always see Him in His Word, but we also see Him throughout our day in ways like: a tree painted with colors of red, yellow and orange in the fall. Or a friend who called when our day was falling apart. A discount at the store when we weren’t expecting it. Glimpses of God are all around us. Here at Raising an Arrow I hope to share some of those glimpses with you. I pray you discover His extraordinary love in the midst of your day, and as a result draw closer to His heart.

Leigh Ellen♥

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  1. Nice to “meet” you Leigh Ellen. I can so relate to finding my identity in your dream job. I thought I had found mine. I had been successful in my career for almost 20 years and in an instant my identity was rocked with a massive stroke. I realized that God was my identity and being a Christian was a responsibility and a privilege. I can now say the “stroke” was the best thing that ever happened to as I am learning to seek God’s will for my life while trusting His plan ! I wanted to stop by and say hello from Intentional Tuesday. I really like what you are doing here. Have a fantastic week and may God richly bless you and yours!

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