Immeasurably More {Laying my All at His Feet}

immeasurably more beachOur beach vacation was coming to an end.  With only one day left, my list of things to do had grown shorter, but one thing still remained.  I wanted to watch the sunrise over the ocean. Realizing I was going to have to sacrifice a few minutes of sleep, I set my alarm the night before and determined I’d be walking on the sand when the sun rose the next day.

I made it! With my walking shoes strapped on, I strolled down the beach taking in the beauty of the morning. As the sun began to rise over the waters I could feel God’s presence rising over me.

I stopped and let the world fade into the background. I could feel God wrapping His arms around me as His love shone across the waters and into my heart. Nothing was worth missing this moment. There was silence, and then I spoke.

“Lord, you made all this and you still love me?”

Gently He responded, “I made all this for you!”

He left me speechless; captured by His immensity, I stood in awe of Him.

The sun continued rising and soon families were making their way onto the beach. I made my way back to our beach home. As I walked the Lord etched that morning onto the canvas of my heart. A reminder of His love and power.

I wish I could say that experience forever super-charged the way I view God, but the reality is I often reduce Him to the landscape of my own life. Sadly, I limit my faith by placing boundaries on what I think He can or will do.

Thankfully, He is not limited by what I think.

The God who made the oceans vast, is the same God who loves you and me beyond anything we could ever imagine. His power is beyond comprehension and His glory stretches across the earth.

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us… (Ephesians 3:20)

Just as I could not measure the sand or water standing on the side of the ocean, we will never be able to measure God’s love for us.  Sometimes it takes courage to lay all that I am – my fears, failures and future at His feet, but when I do, I’m slowly learning He turns my:

  • trials into triumph
  • fear into faith
  • doubt into belief
  • mourning into praise
  • weakness into strength

And, I believe he will do the same for anyone who lays their all at His feet. Our beautiful God is always at work.  Today, let’s dive a little deeper into His love and dare to trust Him for more than we could ever ask or imagine.

8 thoughts on “Immeasurably More {Laying my All at His Feet}

  1. This is such a beautiful reminder, Leigh Ellen! A trip to the ocean always makes me feel closer to heaven, for some reason. When we visited this summer, I felt so close to God as I talked to Him in the waves as they rolled onto shore. It literally felt as though heaven was touching earth in those moments. He felt so close. And then soon after we returned home, many things around us began to crash, leaving me feeling depleted. I had forgotten about those moments with God and the waves until reading your post just now. WOW, how I needed this reminder! It’s not that He’s been absent, but rather that I’ve failed to approach him as boldly as I did at the ocean. Thank you for your words today, sweet lady! #livefreeThursday

    • Hi Crystal, I am so glad these words spoke to your heart and reminded you of your time with God. He is so, so good to us. Thank you for taking time to stop by today. You are a gift indeed! Love you, sister!

  2. “…but the reality is I often reduce Him to the landscape of my own life. Sadly, I limit my faith by placing boundaries on what I think he can or will do.” Wow. This was powerful for me. Needed to hear it today. THANK you for your words friend! {Stopping over from #livefree 🙂 }

  3. Leigh Ann, you took me right with you onto the beach and it warmed my heart on this cold January afternoon! (It was also great to know you sacrificed for this special time. I am not a great early morning person and am more likely to catch sunsets.) The joy you experienced in that moment is definitely something the daily grind and enemy devices would seek to mar, but it is one of the gifts of memory that allows us to revisit it and remember!

    Enjoyed getting to know you as your neighbor on #Suzanne Eller/LiveFreeThursday!

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