Your Future

My Son

As time is passing your personality is unfolding a little more each day. And, while daddy and I have noticed many things about you, there is one characteristic that describes you well: observant. You are a master at observing the ways of others and then imitating.

The first time you visited the dentist, you came home and spent the next three days calling yourself a dentist. You used a little mirror, just like the one from the dentist, to look in mine and daddy’s mouth.

When you visit your pediatrician, you come home, find your doctor’s kit and begin looking in our eyes and down our throats.

One of our favorite moments came when we took you to our college alma mater for a basketball game.  You are still running around the house with a basketball and whistle pretending to be the team’s coach.  You fondly call yourself the “coacher.” And, we smile!

You’ve imitated mommy washing the dishes, folding laundry and sweeping the floors. Outside you can be seen mowing the grass, digging holes or lifting weights just like daddy.

You’ve turned your bike into a four-wheeler. Your big wheel into a motorcycle (like Papaw). And typed on an old phone to send text messages to your family and friends.

In your short two years you’ve learned to imitate many things.

But, today, when we were sitting on the couch you told me something I never want you to forget.

With a flashlight in your hand, you were looking down my throat. I wasn’t sick, but playing doctor is something you enjoy.  I asked you if you were going to be doctor when you grow up. Quickly, you replied no.  Your response surprised me since that is one of your favorite things to play. But what you said next surprised me even more. You said, “I’m going to be Joel.”

My son, I hope you never forget to “be Joel.” As you grow you will meet many individuals: some who will challenge you, others who will encourage you, and those who slip into your heart. Regardless of who crosses your path, let not their words or actions bring you to a place of compromising what you know to be right, true and admirable. When God calls you to a place – be Joel. When He lays a ministry on your heart – listen to His voice and then follow in the way He shows Joel, not the way He shows someone else.

You’ve got a bright future ahead of you. Fill the shoes God gives you, and if someone else’s shoes look more appealing, remember, “I’m going to be Joel.”


Into your hands I commit this child. You’ve woven him together in the depths of my womb. I thank you for gifting him with talents and abilities unique to his calling.  Thank you for the divine connections you have already made for him to be able to fulfill the calling you have given him.

I pray you go before him and follow him. I pray you place your hand of blessing on his head. I pray your hand guides him and your strength supports him. (Psalm 139:5,10)

As he grows and travels many different paths, I pray you always remind him, “I’m going to be Joel.” And, then Holy Spirit would you, please, strengthen him to never let go of this declaration he made at two years of age.

In Jesus Name,

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