Hearts at Home

I am a relatively new mom.  My “baby,” (as I like to call him) is two and a half. Like many mommas, I spent the first several months of my adventure in motherhood awake at night rocking and feeding this blessing who needed his momma’s touch to feel secure through the night.  Needless to say, these nights gave me a much better understanding of the phrase sleep deprivation.

While many of my nights were spent awake, my days were spent teaching a room full of six and seven year olds. It was here in my role as a teacher that my adventure to Hearts at Home began.

One morning as I stumbled into the teacher’s lounge for our morning meeting I noticed a pile of books on the table. I fumbled through them and came across, “Real Moms… Real Jesus.”  Overly exhausted and feeling a bit underqualified for this mothering thing, I picked up the book hopeful that I would find a nugget of wisdom.

Nearly two years later I began reading the book. As I combed through these pages of wisdom and encouragement, I began to feel like Jill Savage (the author) was a God send; a sister, who had walked my path of questions and struggles and now had the position to offer me personal and biblical insight.

It was her insight that drew me to her website. I wanted to know more. From Jill’s site I was led to the Hearts at Home website where I discovered the conference. I clicked on the information tab, but quickly left to look at something else. My first thought was, “why look at the information for this conference, there is  no way I can travel half way across the country for a conference that is taking place while school is in session.”

The next day I was on Karen Ehman’s website reading a blog post. At the end of the post she presented the opportunity to leave a comment for the chance to win two tickets to the Hearts at Home conference. On a whim, I left a comment thinking there is no way I will ever win those tickets. That night; however, as I was going about my nightly routine I started thinking and found myself in a bit of a panic, “what if I do win those tickets?” “I can’t go to that conference.” So, I said a quick prayer that went something like this. “God, you know who needs to go to this conference, so would you please just select the recipient and make a way for them to go to the conference.”

The next day I received an email from Karen Ehman saying I had won!

What? Me? Won? How did that happen?

With only a couple of weeks to spare, I began to pray for God to make a way for me to travel to the conference. He did so, and on the morning of March 12, my sister-in-law and mother-in-law set off on our way 12 hours across the country to find Hearts at Home.

I could never fully recount the goodness of God at the conference. He met me during a particularly challenging time of life and spoke joy and hope into the desperate places of my heart.

The hospitality of the Hearts staff was unparalleled. The speakers were phenomenal – every one of them! The content of the conference was perfect for a momma at any stage of motherhood and let me just say – bring on Tennessee in November 2016 – I can’t wait!!

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