Day 7 Prayer {God’s Favor}

Almighty God, Creator of all the World, you are our Lord and we say, thank you! We have great peace in knowing that as our “Lord,” you are over all the affairs of our life – from our schedules, to our health to our family – your sovereignty never ends!

Father, in this world we are grateful for your ultimate control. We are helpless without you, yet we are powerful in You. We pray you would grant us growth in wisdom, stature and favor with yourself and man. (Luke 2:52) We don’t ask this for our own gain, but for your glory. That our impact for you would be far more reaching than we ever expected.

We pray you stabilize us and grant us favor to accomplish your will in our homes, in our churches, in our schools, in our workplaces, in our government and our places of business. Where we lack knowledge and resources, we give it to you and trust you for more. Thank you, Father. Our future is in your hands.

In Jesus Name,


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