Are You in a Season of Darkness? {Giveaway}

Walking down the sidewalk to her front door, my knees began to shake. Not knowing what to expect, I breathed deeply, and then tapped on her door. She didn’t answer. I slid the door open and quietly entered. It was silent. Then, I found her.

Through a kitchen window I watched as my friend stood with her hands lifted high, praising the Lord. Only hours before she had lost her husband in a tragic incident. But now, amidst tears and anguish, she was clinging to the Lord through praise. What had started as me coming to offer comfort, ended up with me receiving comfort.

The truth is I never expected to find my friend praising the Lord. I expected to find her the way I would have responded in such a moment– alone, crying and searching for help. That day I learned a powerful lesson though. My friend taught me that: praise doesn’t prevent pain, but it does enable us to walk through dark seasons with strength and courage.

It’s hard to know how we will respond when seasons of pain and suffering occur in our lives.

If you’ve ever been in a season of suffering you know how difficult it can be to navigate life. When that pit in the bottom of your stomach doesn’t go away and the dark cloud continues to hover overhead, it’s difficult to stay connected to others and fulfill our life’s responsibilities.

I’ve been there.

You’ve been there.

But God.

He’s there, too.

In our darkest hour, He promises to never leave us nor forsake us. He doesn’t expect us to get over our pain on our own.

In John 16:33, Jesus says, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

In my darkest moments, this verse has been my comfort. It reminds me that Jesus is my only source of peace and that He can overcome any trial. I’ve tried to overcome suffering on my own and it doesn’t work. It’s only by focusing on God; praising Him; and reciting His Word that I gain victory.

If you’re in a season of pain and suffering I want to recommend a brand-new book to you. It’s called, Anchored In: Experience a Power-full Life in a Problem-Filled World. It’s written by my friend, Micah Maddox.

Micah is no stranger to pain. At an early age she was abandoned by her father and spent years asking why. As a young, married mom she was struck with pain again when an unknown illness nearly claimed the life of her husband. Through these and other experiences, Micah has learned how to overcome by anchoring her soul to the presence of God.

In Anchored In: Experience a Power-full Life in a Problem-Filled World, Micah will show you how to:

  • live anchored in God’s power.
  • shift your focus from “me” to “He”.
  • renew your hope while walking through darkness.
  • use your painful days as the springboard for experiencing God like never before.

If you’re hurting, there is hope. Let Micah be the friend who shows you how to experience freedom by anchoring yourself to the One who will never forsake you, always love you and delight in helping you overcome.


Because I believe in the message of Micah’s book, and I want you set free from hurt, I’m giving away one copy of Anchored In: Experience a Power-full Life in a Problem-Filled World.

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Blessings to you,

Leigh Ellen

6 thoughts on “Are You in a Season of Darkness? {Giveaway}

  1. Clinging to the Lord, in praise. Oh yes, yes. I’ve been there more often than I’d care to remember. He is very much present in times of trouble and the only One who doesn’t change when all else is caving in.

    I love Him so …

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