Finding Freedom from Rejection

The second mrejection-posty eyes saw him I darted the other direction. It didn’t matter that I was his teenage child and he was my father; coming face-to-face with him unleashed a monster of fear I couldn’t suppress.

I ran to the one place I was sure he wouldn’t go…the women’s clothes. Hiding behind a rack filled with the latest fashions, my heart pounded and my mind raced.

Why had he not wanted me? 

Why did I have to go through this? 

What if I pushed my cart back into the aisle and made eye-contact… would he smile?

I continued to hide knowing he was sharing an experience with his other children that I would never have…picking out school supplies.  It may have seemed insignificant to anyone else, but to me it was one more moment I missed out on. With my knees shaking, I concluded there was no way I could go back into the same aisle as him. In fact, I couldn’t continue shopping at all.  I left the store with a black cloud over my head and heaviness in my heart.

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